Saturday, May 16, 2015

Evolution VII

Get out your comfort zone!

Many of us are pretty comfortable in our lives!

       On a scale between 0 to 10 that 0 is none and 10 is completely fulfilled most people are in 4 ou 5 which is no man's land, they aren't really happy or unhappy to make a change or doing better.

We have a good reasonable income, the rent or the mortgage is being payed, there are food in the kitchen, we have a nice warm bed to sleep in, we have a car, nice clothes and all it seems to going fine. 

A person in that position could very easily think why should I do something to change this? 

The truth is if your life isn't going in one direction absolutely by law of physics it must be going in another direction. 

What many of us can easily make is establish a comfort zone in our lives.

This is a very common and understandable attitude because we all work hard to get where we are, and it may seem a good place to be.

The only problem with this, when you stop contributing, seeking and risking, that's when we stop growing, and without continues growth, we are now all we are ever going to be.

If you are in a comfort zone beware, the danger of a comfort zone is that doesn't hurt and it might feel good, many take that as a good place to be.

A comfort zone may be what is holding you back from real growth, real accomplishment and your potentially rewarding future. 

Again, remember if you are not going in one direction by physical law we must be going in another direction, we are building or we are imploding.

For example if a person says: "I like it just the way it is", again by physical law we know that absolutely nothing stays the way it is... 

What you don't use it you lose it!

What you don't increase, decreases!

So like always have a great week and Just Do Life!

- J. M.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Evolution VI

How to be free?

You were born FREE!


       We as human beings we are the only ones who can change everything around us, you and I can build something, destroy something, change our current situation and the environment that surround us and even so your past doesn't need to be equal your future.

Everything you see and use is result of someones thinking. First that was created inside the mind of that person and then materialized in our physical world. It’s an immutable law of the universe that you must first have something mentally before you can have it physically. In other words, you have to actually create, in your imagination, the freedom you want. It has to be as real to you there as anything you can see and touch on the outside.

So being true this above, it means that you already have what it takes to become free. No matter where you come from or what you’ve done so far, you inherently possess the source from which all freedom is generated. You were born free, quite literally.

The first step is to understand what it means to say that freedom begins in your mind. 

In my book TRANS4MATION it's up to you! one of the first things that I share is how to help people so they can understand to the kind of internal programing that they probably have so they can do the right adjustments so they can achieve the financial freedom and success they want.

Here are some of the most ways to do so:

a) Your programming about money.

Almost every people consciously wants to be financial free. Only a small percentage of them actually are. Part of the reason I think is deep-seated negative programming about money, thoughts like these: "Having to much money is bad",  "Money is the root of all evil", "Rich people are evil", "Money can’t buy happiness”, "It's not good to become rich", "You shouldn't try to get rich", "It's spiritual to be poor", or a general feeling that wanting to be rich is somehow bad or greedy.
How comfortable would you feel stating that desire to your parents, your grandparents, your siblings or close friends?
If you feel any hesitation, any squeamishness or guilt, then you need to look within, find out why and start changing the script to reflect positive beliefs. A great one is: “Money is a tool which allows me the freedom to enjoy life and give generously”.

b) Live in just one economy.

Another thing that can “get inside your head” and block your ability to attract and generate freedom is negative chatter about money. Headlines and news reports that bemoan the state of the economy and the people who bombard you with stories of lack and limitation. The truth is, plenty of men and women get financial freedom in economic downturns and bad markets, in large part because they simply do not allow those external circumstances to penetrate and disrupt their internal mindset and vision for what they want to accomplish.
Choose to turn away from and tune out these kinds of fear-based influences. Focus on your own personal economy instead and in your goals. If you do, then that’s exactly what it will be!

c) Think like a free person.

Like I share before, you must first have something mentally before you can have it physically. If freedom is what you want to achieve, this means you must imagine yourself to BE already free, vividly and in great detail, at all times. This simple and very fun exercise has an enormously powerful impact. Because your unconscious mind can’t distinguish between actually doing something and simply visualizing it, it will accept your imagined reality as true, and begin navigating the world accordingly.

What are some of the things you’d do if you had great financial freedom? Think of a few, then—in your mind—DO them. Practice this game consistently, and take note of the results. I can guarantee to you that if you do so faithfully, you’ll begin seeing the opportunities a wealthy person would see, and taking the actions a wealthy person would take. And very soon, you’ll find yourself reaping the financial rewards they reap.
But please don't fake it until you make it ( probably you could be attempted to do this ) instead you faith it until you make it!

So it’s really true: You were born free! These a,b,c, steps above will help you so you can go in the direction of your goals.

Have a great week and just Do life!

With friendship JM.