Sunday, November 26, 2017

Evolution XXVIII

What is Bitcoin?

A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System 

Bitcoin first of all is a network. We have Bitcoin as the network and Bitcoin as the currency. 

Bitcoin was created by a developer or a group of developers named Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym and no one knows for sure who this person or group of people is. This makes the real identity of Satoshi completely irrelevant. Bitcoin was released as an open source project and the Bitcoin protocol invented by Satoshi is more of a blueprint than anything else. Satoshi Nakamoto has no control over the network.

Bitcoin is money for the internet, anyone in the world can open an account and start sending and receiving funds. The only thing you need in order to open an account is a computer or a mobile phone and an Internet connection. 

Bitcoin as a network works 24/7. Bitcoin it is completely decentralized and there isn't any government, nation controlling this network. No single entity controls Bitcoin. There is no central bank, no institution, organization or company that has total control of the network. That is why Bitcoin is completely decentralized. 

Bitcoin the currency is "discovered" by a process called mining, a reward for providing security and processing transactions into the ledger called blockchain, a chain of blocks where the amount of Bitcoins are registered into accounts.

The blockchain is a public database of all transactions that ever happened on the Bitcoin network. This database is constructed of blocks that are cryptographically linked together forming a chain. Each block contains a set of transactions during a period of time. A copy of this public database is distributed to everyone in the network.

"By convention, the first transaction in a block is a special transaction that starts a new coin owned by the creator of the block. This adds an incentive for nodes to support the network, and provides a way to initially distribute coins into circulation, since there is no central authority to issue them. The steady addition of a constant of amount of new coins is analogous to gold miners expending resources to add gold to circulation."  - Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper page 4

The blockchain is blocks cryptographically linked together because if someone decides to cheat the network and claim that they have more Bitcoin than they actually have they would need to modify a transaction made in a previous block.
This would break the cryptographic link between the blocks in the blockchain and because everyone else has a copy of the blockchain everyone else would be able to detect this fraud because the cryptographic links would not match. 

The Bitcoin network is structured in such a way that you don't need to trust any other party in the Bitcoin network. It is impossible to cheat about the number of Bitcoin you have, you can't forge a transaction and isn't possible for anyone to take your Bitcoin from you, as longer you control your private key, that is why you should always use a hardware wallet to prevent you being hacked.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) technology without any central bank, server, institution, government or company managing it. If you’ve ever heard of torrent technology this is similar in the way that there is no single point of failure. The Bitcoin protocol and software coordinate the entire network using miners.

A miner is a book keeper of the system . These miners process and put transactions into blocks. Mining Bitcoin involves solving computationally difficult cryptographic puzzles. The miner that manages to solve the puzzle gets rewarded in Bitcoin.

When a transaction is propagated through the network and reaches a miner, the miner checks that the transaction actually is valid. Theoretically a miner could validate non-valid transactions but other miners would quickly notice that and the malicious miner wouldn’t be able to claim the mining reward.
This way miners are incentivized to perform their job correctly. Today different companies are building data centers in order to profit from Bitcoin mining. You can also mine several cryptocurrencies using your computer, you will use your computer power and depending of the performance of your components like CPU and GPU you will be rewarded.

Why should I research more about Bitcoin, Altcoins, Tokens and cryptocurrencies? 

Well there is no simple and direct answer to that question but like in every evolving process that takes time and takes true efforts, it is always worth it.

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Like always have a great week and make something amazing!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Evolution XXVII

Why you must define goals?

What is the power of goals?
Why we need to use them?
Because with goals we create the future in advance. 
We create our destiny. We shape our lives.
We all have goals either we know or not, the problem is some people have really lousy goals and whatever your goals are they are affecting you. Maybe your goals are get through this day. 
Maybe your goals are to pay the lousy bills. The problem with goals like that is they are not exactly inspiring you and get you to jump out of you bed early in the morning and say I can't wait to go out and pay my lousy bills. 

Goals can create the power to make us grow and expand and develop our success. 
What is real today to you is based on your past, based on your past experiences and if you limit your future based on your past you go anywhere. You got to have goals big enough to drive you to excites you so you don't stop and how I do it? That is not the first step, the first step is getting it down. You must start taking your generalised impulses of desire and start to define them with more precision. This is the power of goal setting. You become a creator when you write down goals and you get clear. You must have sure that you don't only set goals but you get absolute clear why you want them because purpose is stronger then outcome. The purpose of goals is not just you to get the things you want, the purpose of any goal the real reason to set goals is what they will make of you as a person. 

At the end of your life all the things that you accumulate are not gonna make you happy, at the end of your life all you gonna have is who you become as a person. 

Reasons come first, answers come second. If you have big enough reasons to do something, to accomplish something you figure out how to do it.

Do you know why goals really work? Thoughts are things and whatever we focus on consistently we experience in our life. As you think so you create, so you manifest.    

Imagine you are a little kid again what do you wanna have, do and become? 

As always, your friend.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Evolution XXVI

What controls our life?

What controls our life is the meaning that we associate to a given situation. The meaning you associate will determine your behavior. 
If we want to change our lives we must change our neuro-associations. We need to change our condition response to our environment. All our neuro-associations are controlling and directing your life. What they direct and control is your motivation level what you willing to do or not do. Every single action you take as little it may seem has an effect in your life. By making some simple changes in what we link to things we can change our behavior. Your destiny is based in your daily behavior. 

What are some things in your life that you just change the meaning you had to this things it will literally changes your destiny? It means changes the way how you feel, the kind of results you got in your life everyday, the direction you are heading and ultimate your destination. 

Our neuro-associations drive us even when they don't have any sense, for example can you get somebody to do something that is destructive, just by get their brain to link up that is gonna be pleasurable?
Classic example world war 2, the Japanese develop this group of people called "KAMIKAZE" pilots people that kill themselves, how they pull that of? Real simple they got them to associate dying something that will be very painful to be ultimate pleasure why? Because it will honor your family, it will honor your country and plus you will go to a place that is much better then here where is ultimate pleasure. 

We can train people to do anything. We need to be very careful about the neuro-associations we create because a lot of them in our life are negative. That means that we link things up that don't relate and controls our lives. 

How we create neuro-associations? You are always creating associations in your mind. You are always anchoring things in your mind. For example when you ear a song that remembers someone you had a relationship with. That is called anchor that is a neuro-association.  
That is how our brain works. Those associations are happening all the time and sometimes they totally disempowering us and sometimes they are nothing to do with reality. A lot of times in life we link up things, the reason I didn't succeed is because of this, this happened in my life because of this. A lot of our neuro-associations have no basis in reality, they feel real to us, but they are totally disempowering because they have nothing to do with actually went on. 

If you want to change the direction of your life, your ultimate destiny, and how you feel now, you need to change these neuro-associations. 

What will be the ultimate neuro-associations that you need in order to create the destiny you really want, what will be your associations that you will create or link to things like learning, growing, giving, money, relationships and power?

What are some of the negative neuro-associations that maybe are holding you back and what are some of the ones that will empower what you need?

Be aware of them, write down them and evaluate what is serving you. Just by identify them and if you want to eliminate them just if you link enough pain to keeping them and pleasure to change them, your brain will find a way, will complete the process.

As always, your friend.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Evolution XXV

How to attract a woman or a man?

What is the controlling force in your life?

What makes you to do what you do? 

The controlling force in all human behavior, what drive us are 2 forces: 1) The need to avoid pain.   2) The desire to gain pleasure.
This twin forces are the drive behind all human behavior. 

Everything we do in life we do out our need to avoid pain or desire to gain pleasure. The need to avoid pain is biological it is built in your nervous system, why? Because it is a survival mechanism and your brain will fight like crazy anytime it sees you are asking to do something that gonna lead to pain. So we need to learn how to change what we link pain and what we link pleasure to. How? For example, what if you saw somebody that you are really attracted to and you want to be with her or with him, you want to develop a relationship but you didn't follow through. How it is possible? Because you associated more pain to walking up and ask her or him for a date then not doing it. Your thoughts are if I can do it I can have the pleasure but which one was the more powerful motivator force? The pleasure of being in a relationship or the potential pain of being rejected? If you didn't follow thought you already know the answer don't you? The pain. In general people do almost everything to avoid pain. 

Now a curious question: What happens when 2 pains come up side by side? What happens when if you do something it's gonna be painful and if you don't do it it's gonna be also painful. Which action would you take? For example you can say: If I don't go to this lady and meet her then I will never meet her again, I will never have a relationship I will miss her and you will have the pain of that. But also your brain it will say to you: But if you go to her and she reject you then you really will have pain. So what determines your behavior is which pain is more intense. 

Let see another example. All people in general want to be in a relationship. Why? Because people think that being in a relationship mean lots of what? Pleasure, love, happiness, security, being close, all those special feelings. Then they get in a relation and they say I don't want to be in a relationship because they now start to think that be in a relation means pain or worst they think a relationship is this incredible thing in the world, they love this person, gave 1000% of themselves, they think about him or her constantly and then as times goes by and something happens and this person let say leaves them, lost interest, or breaks up with her or him, or broke his or her heart in a million pieces. 
This already happened to you? If not don't worry probably it will. Well I'm not being so supportive now but in our life time we gonna have relationships that people are not so committed as we are so there is a chance of this happens. What happens now for some people they have what we call pain at this moment. So what they link in their mind is relationships = pain. Now there is a big problem because also in their mind they have also this association in their nervous system, that association that relationships = pleasure. So what happens in the future? Well for a long time this person will avoid relationships, they don't gonna be too attracted, they express themselves rarely, or they will be more closed. With time some of the pain goes off, then they see someone that they get attracted and they develop a relationship and as the relation starts to grow, there is a point in the relation when it goes really really well then immediately that person starts to sabotage the relationship. This already happened to you? Because inside your mind something happened like I'm having all this pleasure but I know what is going to happen next, relationships = pain, eventually so it's better get out now before the pain gets here.

So the controlling force of our life, what drives our life is what we link to pain and what we link pleasure to.

Pain and pleasure are the biggest motivators and of the 2, you will do more to avoid pain usually then ever you will to gain pleasure.     

So how can we use this understanding of the controlling force, how can we use the understanding that pain is a great motivator then even pleasure? One way to use it, it is to begin to understand that any moment and time our reality it's based on whatever we focus on. That any moment and time what you focus on it is the most real to you. All you got to do is to control your mental focus. So if you want to change your behavior you must focus on how not doing something is gonna be more painful then just going for. Another words link not taking action is more painful then just doing it. Do it to yourself upfront don't wait to life put you in a pressure situation that you feel that you have to do something. 

Use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. You do that and you are in control of your life. You don't do that and life controls you. Unfortunately for most people life controls them. If there is anything you want to do and you can't figure out why you are not doing it, so there is just a simple answer, you link more pain to doing it to not doing it. You got to right now decide that you control the focus of your mind. You are in control and you have the ability to change your focus and then change your behavior instantly by learning to control pain and pleasure and what you link to. 

So how to attract a woman or a man? To be brutally honest with you I don't have the perfect answer for that question and it was not my original ideia when I decide this subject for this post to give you a bullet proof plan to how you can accomplish that but I just wanted to share with you how we work, what is happening inside our head when we are living our lives. 

But there is a few personal tips about the theme I want to share with you now, think of yourself like you are working in a restaurant serving your customers. When it's almost in the end of the meal of your customer and you ask him or her: Do you want a dessert? ( LOL what a comparison I'm giving to you now) The customer replies: No, I don't want. Do you think and feel rejected or offended? Of course no, you just continue your work, your life and you go to the next table and ask the same right? So why should you be offended or feel rejected when someone says to you no when it is about relationships? 

Another tip that I think can help you it is, as human beings we are wired  to accept something when someone want to give to us, so one of the ways to ask for example someone to have dinner could be: If I ... would you ...? If I invite you to have dinner would you accept my invitation? If I invite you to go to the cinema would you come with me? 

Even if the answer is no, remember another great word, don't forget we live in a big world that now because of technology became smaller and we can reach people in just a few seconds all over the world and a great word to remember after receiving a no is: NEXT. Simple isn't? Next, next person you will know, so say less to more people. You must understand about what we discuss above that some people they are not in a position of being open to a new relationship, so try to keep in touch from times to times if you really want that person in your life, let that person know that she or he is important to you, let her or she knows that to you, to be with that person is very important to you, so when it will be important for her or she be with you she or he can give you a call. And what it is interesting is that this is true for any scenario in life.

So what did you like the most about this post I invite you to below you can comment, write some questions, some insults, some compliments, something and if you think you need to share this post with someone go ahead.

As always, your friend.



Monday, February 13, 2017

Evolution XXIV

How can I feel great?

It is so easy to feel good, the problem is that the standard in our society says that feel bad, that is natural but feel good all the time then you got a problem!

You need to understand that any emotion you feel it is a pattern. It is a pattern how you use your body, it is a pattern how you use language, it is a pattern where you tend to focus on and believe.

Those 3 patterns make all your emotions. You are saying certain things inside or outside your head. Your belief what you think that gonna happens affects you.

People get in habits again and again and then they think they aren't doing it. They think it just happens. Something in the environment happens and they started doing. It is just a pattern you learned long ago and you being doing it for so long.

Exist 3 pillars that everything that you feel are created from it.

For example you don't get depressed you do depression. Most people think if they take anti-depressives they don't get depressed. False. Some people even try to take maximum doses of anti-depressives and still get depress because your body override all that. Depression comes from those 3 pillars, someone get depressed because they think are getting older, someone get depressed because think they gonna lose the relation, there are plenty of reasons, the thing is where ever you think your future is uncertain or you think that you don't have no future people get depressed doesn't matter how many drugs do you take.

What we feel is based in those 3 patterns: 

1) The pattern of physiology: the way we use our physical body.
Example is someone that says that feels down and he or she literally the body or shoulders are down.
Someone that says that feels very well and energetic his or her body her or his shoulders are up.
You don't feel an emotion you do an emotion.
Sometimes we react to the environment but can someone else have the same treatment and react differently? Of course and that is what we call wisdom, intelligence instead reacting like an animal.
It's true we all gonna react at times but stay there for hours and hours, days and days, months and months or even years? We need to raise the standard! We all feel, we have feelings, sad feelings, hurt feelings, frustration feelings but we can't live there. Some of them we just should feel for short burst just enough to make something better but to live there, there are some people that do it so much over and over again that pretty soon is just that they do continually it's condition. You can control your state.

Your state is not controlled by what someone else says, someone else does or you see in your environment. We have the capacity of in one heart beat to change our state.

2) The pattern of language: Did you ever ear a speaker, a political speaker or a religious speaker and just listening to them moved you, inspired you? Well they moved you with just words but guess who is moving you every day? With words, you are. Some words or some phrases lock us or put us in those states then we just need to be aware to our self-talking.

3) The pattern of what you focus on or what is your belief, you believe about.

Just one example, if you believe that nothing works for you, that belief will begin to take over and you will start to feel that way. So if you give to someone that is depress a drug will it work? Yes because it changes the pattern of physiology for the moment, when you change the biochemistry of someone, that changes the way they respond, for the moment, but when that person takes that drug but they keep focusing on what they don't want, they don't have in their life, what is missing or they don't have a future, even they took the drug these pattern will over power the effect of the drug.

We need to change the belief that make us keep using that physiology. Sometimes we just change the pattern of the physiology and the belief goes away. 

Hope this tips could help you to feel great most of your time!

Your friend,

- JM