Sunday, November 8, 2015

Evolution XXI

Some things you need to know about MONEY

Money offers FREEDOM and SECURITY!

Money can give you security, pay for your home, provide to your children future, their college fund, your retirement fund so gives you security. 

Money also gives you FREEDOM, gives you freedom of choice, to you live where you wanna live, to drive the kind of car you wanna drive, to visit the kind of places you wanna go to your vacations, to not have a creepy boss, a creepy job you hate, that you go there everyday.

Money is a eco for value produced. The more value you produce, more money you gonna receive. The way to get more money is to simple produce more value.

Rich people will save the world. If you wanna save the whales or if you wanna save the forest the best thing you can do is become wealthy to support those causes that are near and dear to your heart.

Not becoming financial free is an insult to the force that created you. Doesn't matter what you consider that force, if it's natural or spiritual, doesn't matter the label you use because if you don't became healthy, happy and wealthy that is an insult to the force that created you.

Have a great week, go for it, lets do something amazing this week and be FREE!

- JM

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Evolution XX

How you grow your WEALTH?

You have to spend less money then you take in every year!

You have to spend less money on your living, on your buyings, mortgage, your transportation, food, cell phone plan, etc, because if you don't you can't grow your wealth, you always be broke which it will be optimistic because more then likely you probably always be in debt.

Most people today spend about 125% of what they are earning. You need to take a percentage and have to put it to work, growing your wealth, power of compounding / power of compound interest.

Decide now to live in X percentage of what you take in every week or every month.

You use that percentage and then use it to invest that percentage in 3 buckets.

Bucket number 1 - Low risk so usually means low return investments but almost all investments in this bucket have no risk at all then it means also low reward.

Bucket number 2 - Moderate risk, moderate return. In this bucket you can have real estate investments, stocks and investment funds.

Bucket number 3 - High risk but also have potential to high return. Mostly new emerging tech stock companies, it means high reward.

Depending of your profile and character you decide the % for every each bucket but never forget that bucket number 1 should have the biggest % because like that can never be lost the principal.
Then decide according your personality if you like more to take risks for example the percentages for buckets number 2 and 3.

Decide today to learn how the money system works that is designed to keep you in dangerous servant.

Have a great weekend and decide to be in GOOD mode ( Get Out Of Debt ).

- JM

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Evolution XIX

Why you need to achieve FREEDOM?

True freedom abordes a couple of things: money, material things and relationships!

It is really important that you don't diminish money and material things as part of the reward of becoming free.

Becoming free it allows you to choose, choose about the kind of home you live in, the kind of car you drive, all these cool stuff is FREEDOM.

But it is FREEDOM how you make your day, what time you wake up, wake up when you finish sleeping, doing work that mean something to you, doing things that enhance your life, give value to your life, spending time with the people who are important to you, so there is a lot of freedom with that.

When you achieve FREEDOM you achieve also security, you need to have security, you don't want to be at mercy of some boss that can laid you off, you don't want to be at mercy of some changing in economy or in your industry, you need to have the security knowing your bills are paid, your home is debt free and you can provide to your future.

If you are poor you can not help anyone else because you even can help yourself.
When we are poor we are missing the mark that our Creator, the energy that created us, the force that created us given us.

We supposed to be free, we supposed to be healthy, we supposed to be happy, if you are poor you are placing a burden in other people, in society to meet your need and if you are poor you can't really contribute to society in a full manner. If you are poor you can't help charities, you can't contribute to noble causes, you can't do good work and you can't help others.

There is no shame in being born poor, lots of us born poor, a lot of you reading this born poor, I don't think there is any problem be born in poverty, what is the problem is to stay in poverty, because is an insult to the force that created you, for you to be born in poverty and stay in there, to be born in sickness and stay there, born in unhappiness and stay there, that is an insult to the force that created you, with all the incredible inherited potential that is alive in you and you just only need to uncover.

But also for you can transform yourself like I wrote in the book TRANS4MATION it's up to you! you need to overcome the victim mindset, you have to let go be a victim and you have to transform yourself into being a victor.

You can be a victim or you can be a victor but you can't be both, you have to choose one or another.
How can I know if I'm being a victim? Well if you need to ask yourself that question the answer is probably you are. How do you stop being a victim and transform yourself into a victor? The answer to that question is a simple answer: You decide to.

Don't forget that money doesn't make you happy, material things doesn't make you happy, I agree that material things doesn't buy happiness but money and material things allow you FREEDOM of expression and is that FREEDOM of expression that makes you happy.

The most powerful benefit of you becoming free is who you have to become, is the person you have to become to create FREEDOM.

So have a great week, be amazing and don't forget to be FREE!

- JM

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Evolution XVIII

The only FREE cheese is in the mousetrap!

You don't become wealthy winning the lottery or get in inheritance.

Studies reveal that who win the lottery 10 millions, 50 millions or 100 millions, in average 10 years later those same people who won the lottery 10 years ago are broke or even in worst financial situation than before.

So how that is possible?

Someone said if we took all the money in the worlddivided it up equally among everybody, it would soon all be back in the same pockets.

If we want to create wealth we need to create value. Solving problems or add value ( these are the only 2 options we have and it is how wealth is created ).

Or did I fall into entitled mentality, did I think that the world owe me something, the government owe me something, wealthy people owe me something or have I understood how the principles of wealth really work?

No anyone ends up in poverty by mistake and no one becomes a millionaire by accident right?

Someone doesn't become sick by mistake, these are all consequences of patterns, these are consequences of habits. 

We all need to have really good habits:

Here below are some good habits we should have:

a) Living with integrity ( tell the truth, truthful in our relations, truthful with ourselves, doing the right thing because we all know when we are doing the wrong or right thing to do ).

b) Eating healthy, eat for energy, we need to eat for nutrition, eat in a way that fuels our bodies and allow us to do the things we want to do.

c) Self-development, daily self-development, set aside time to read, listen everyday some good nutrition for the mind.

d) Exercise, the human machine, this body, these bodies that we have, that we live in, they work better if we exercise everyday.

e) Practice self-discipline, If we have self-discipline we exercise because we know it is supposed to do like that. If we have self-discipline we eat healthy because we know it is supposed to do like that. If we have self-discipline we do the right thing.

f) Read every day, every successful person reads everyday.

g) Taking action, we do something that takes us closer to our dreams. If we have goals, if we have objectives, dreams to accomplish, we really want to accomplish them, then we really have to take action.

So get up and move forward.

Have a great weekend and just Do life!

- JM

Friday, October 2, 2015

Evolution XVII

Why you need to be free?

Debt is a prison and is best to escape as soon as possible!

To you become free you cannot spend more than you earn. Just as simple like this and you gotta commit on that right now.

To become free you cannot spend more than you take in.

To be free you need to be able to meet your own needs, mean you have to have your shelter, you need to have your food, you need to have your transportation, your medical care, your dental care, your eye care, you should be able to take care of your needs.

You should save at least 10% of your net income every month so you can handle occasional emergencies and if you became unemployed you should have aside enough money in the bank to pay for the expenses at least for 6 months.

To help you the best thing you can do every single month is a financial statement. 
You add all the debts you have ( every credit card, every student loan, every single thing ) put in one side. The other side the assets you have ( certificate deposits, savings accounts, retirement fund ). 
Add up all the debt, add all up the assets and see where you are.

Make more money by doing things you can do to add value and solve problems.
If you wanna to be free you need to create value to something or you solve problems to something and when you create value and solve problems people will give you money.

So like always just do life, be free and have a great weekend!

- JM

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Evolution XVI

How to create success?

Success is created in the mind first!

Any great achievement, any amazing accomplishment, any epic anything is created twice, first it's created in the mind and only secondly it is created on the physical plane.   

You need to be a co-creator of your success.

Visualize the event you wanna manifest so by doing this you can activate the success mechanism you have in your brain, so when you have this goal, this dream, you have this achievement you wanna accomplish, your mind, your subconscious mind will cause to you to take actions until you achieve that, it is what it does, it doesn't argue, it doesn't rationalize it, it just does what it is programmed to do.

Challenge yourself!

You have to fight this natural look for comfort. No one had a breakthrough in their comfort zones nobody, if you wanna do something amazing you got to be uncomfortable, challenge yourself.

Be willing to look bad because you can't get better and look good at the same time. No matter what you do if it's playing the piano or playing soccer you can't look good and get better at the same time.

Feed your mind every day, feed your mind with positive things, that cause you to think in positive ways because when you do that you will attract success because you just have a more positive mindset.

Plan your weeks, plan every week. Have and use paper-planner. 

Associate with positive people, you don't have a choice who is in your family, you don't get a choice almost the time with who you work with, but you have a choice on how you spend most of your time, you get a choice to be mindful of the people you gonna associate with. Who with you have dinner and who you invite to your home.  

You must face the reality that not all the people with you spend time with is good to you and you have to minimize the time with people who physiologically drain you or disrespect you.
Some of the people are intentional and some of the people completely unintentional.
You gotta to limit access to you. There are some people that you have to completely eliminate from your life, they are not just negative, they are harmful and dangerous because they can cause you to lose self-esteem, cause you don't believe in you, to not go after the greatness that is inherited in you.

Your character will determine so much of your success because everything isn't a random events and happen to you, you don't have a role and or a destiny and karma.

You are a co-creator in your life of your success.

You build success by the choices that you make each and every day and the choices that you make will determine how your success evolves!

So like always just Do life and have a great week.

- JM   

Friday, September 4, 2015

Evolution XV

Never be afraid of rejection!

Be different and be amazing

Nowadays most people think they have fear of failure, but they don't really have fear of failure, fear of rejection, it's fear of success.

This simple is another case of limiting beliefs that cause you self-sabotage your own success that cause to not achieve everything that you are meant to do, to step into your greatness.

Where this comes from? Fear of success? It comes for worthiness issues, not believing you're worthy, being afraid you don't deserve it.

Being afraid you are not worthy of the good that is meant to be yours.

Where that comes from? 

First of all you are your worst critic, your hardest critic.

You need to understand that you don't get the freedom you deserve, you get the freedom you believe you deserve.

Second you are afraid that you don't fit in, your friends don't like you anymore, that your family don't love you anymore, that you don't belong to the people you hang around anymore.

But why the effort to fit in?

Why we need to be different these days, if you want to be wealthy, healthy, if you wanna be happy or if you wanna be successful?

We have more than 7 billion people on the planet now.

How many of those 7 billion do you think are healthy?

Probably more than 5 billion are not healthy, they carry around too much weight, they do not do exercise, they do not eat well, do not have energy, most have degenerative diseases, so just about 2 billion people probably are healthy.

How many you think are happy?

Again a few on the planet are happy because if you check for example the percentage of people nowadays consume excessive alcohol, drug abuse ( people have these behaviors to forget the problems that they are currently facing, instead of solving them, works like an anesthesia but only the problem is when the effect finish, nothing changes, the reality comes again and probably addiction is developed to the substances, money problems can start to arise to sustain the addictions, etc ) we conclude by checking the numbers most of the people are not happy at all.

How many of the 7 billion people do you think are wealthy? Really with financial freedom, with all senses of freedom? 

How many do you think are rich, they really got the money thing out of the way?

Less than 5%.

How many of those 7 billion people are healthy, happy and free?

And now how low you think is that percentage?

Probably less then 1%.

So why would you wanna be like that the majority of people today?  

Why you wanna fit in with the crowd? Why you wanna "be normal"? 

I think now you don't!

You wanna to be different. You wanna be amazing.

So how to be healthy, happy and free?

a) Live healthy, such a simple thing, such a profound thing. But exercise every day, eat for energy. Breathe fresh air. Get some sunlight. Get some sleep, get your rest. Do this and you be very, very different just if you live healthy.

b) Question the premisse. Do your homework about good nutrition, because don't trust in the media these days, the publicity probably say you that you need to drink beer everyday or wine everyday, or probably you will find articles saying you need a cheeseburger everyday or another example you will find publicity saying that vapor cigarettes are healthy for you and they are not dangerous. These ads are there since media went out. So question the premisse. Use your common sense, be a critical thinker.

c) Grow your mind. Take classes, take continued classes on university, go to seminars and workshops of personal-development, read challenging books, read challenging blog posts, find things that cause your mind to grow.

d) Grow your consciousness. Set aside some time each day to nourish your self-development. Treat your body and after your mind ( doesn't need to be by this order ) feed your mind, your consciousness.

e) Create your own financial security. Only foolish people would wait and expect the government to take care of their retirement. If you are counting on social security to create your financial security that is insanity. Social security in most of the countries nowadays is the worst pyramid scheme in the world.

Greece today is probably the worst pyramid scheme in the world, Puerto Rico might be the second worst pyramid scheme in the world, USA social security program probably is the third worst pyramid scheme in the world ( it's actually a money game ) and another nations all around the world.

So don't expect the government to take care of you. Don't spend more than you earn.  What ever you earn. Doesn't matter what you earn, don't spend more than you earn, you have to spend less than you earn and you need to take some part of what you earn ( that earnings ) and you got to put it to work. You need to grow your wealth. Put your money to work. You need to be able to go to bed and when you wake up you are wealthier than when you go to sleep. Like that you accumulate more wealth.

But for this could happen probably you got to change some of the people you hang out with. 
You got to look about the environment you surround yourself with.

Who are the 5 people you are spending the time with more time with?

And if they say it doesn't work you are dummy and you don't gonna do it, you just simple like that don't buy the story, you can't let somebody else sell you a story about you. They are selling you a story based on fear. They fear full people that is what that people are afraid. So remember never be afraid of rejection!

Have a great weekend and just be amazing.

- JM.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Evolution XIV

Learn how to be a kid again!

When you were born you didn't have afraid of speaking in front of groups

   Think when you were a child, without afraid of speaking in public, without need to fit in where you were, you have the amazing sense of adventure, passion and excitement, you were really happy. That condition is your authentic self. But then what happens is along the way we take in beliefs and values and behaviors that we get from the people around us, obvious we are influenced by our environment and in particularly the parents, the coaches, the people who are around us the most, particularly the formative years.

We take in those beliefs and in those values and for most people in the world we take in those behaviors and create a gap, a space between your authentic self and your personality.

You have to know what are your values, what are the principles you wanna live by, not necessary what other people taught you.

You need to know the stuff that matters to you, it's gotta to be your goals not someone else.

Most people today they are doing something they really don't want to do, they are a dentist because 3 generations of their family were a dentist, there are a lawyer because their mother was a lawyer or their father was a lawyer.

And some people are doing this, running like in auto-pilot, in someone else goals.

We usually say money and materials things don't buy happiness, they allow you to self-expression on things that brings you happiness.

Happiness comes from achievements as we keep creating achievements we want to accomplish and we start to achieve those things that is what brings us happiness.

You can seat all day, have no money worries, nothing to do, watch all day movies in TV all day long, all your needs are met for you if you have a wealthy mother or father that gives every month millions to you use in your necessities and you wouldn't be happy because happiness comes from doing things, from achieving things, and when you switch from success for significant is not having another achievement it is having a achievement that means something.

Another situation that is common is people usually are worried with what, about other people think about them and doesn't matter what other people think, it is your life, do what you like, live like you want. 

Be comfortable in your skin because you can't love anyone until you love yourself first.

You need to love yourself before you even like anyone else!

Have a great week and lets go doing something amazing.

- JM. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Evolution XIII

Boundaries VS Limitations

Boundaries = Good / Limitations = Bad

Boundaries are guidelines that we might set for ourself or for other people to deal with us or we allow to deal with us.

We all need to set boundaries.

If we wanna be free we need to set boundaries, where we work, in our relations, with our family, we must set the status for how we gonna be treated. 

About limitations we can define that we have 2 kind of limitations: there are the limits that others want to set on us and the limitations that we set on ourselves.

Be aware that limitations are things that hold us back.

The most person who can hold you back which is of course yourself.

But the more you work on you, the more you work on your self-esteem, the more you work in your self-development, the more you work in your self-discipline, the more limitations you gonna eliminate. Because 99% of everything is mental and the person who believes who can do something, has such a dramatic exponential higher reality of doing that. 

You need to do the work on you, doing your small victories, develop the confidence and for that you have several sources to help you with that like watching Scopes on Periscope ( for that just download the Periscope app into your smartphone and follow me @jbemartins ), subscribe the Youtube channel, read these posts on this blog and doing this things every week not only builds your confidence, build your success, build your skills, so you can always expanding so what you perceive, so you can always developing the window that you see the world with, the same way is the window you see your abilities through.

Limits are real until they are not.

Limitations are real until the moment they are not.

It is a limitation until it isn't.

Have a great week-end and lets go out and do something amazing.

Your friend, JM.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Evolution XII

Question your paradigms!

There are 2 parts in our mind: there is one part that gathers information and there is another part that controls our behavior, and it's our behavior that controls our results!

We have paradigms that are programmed genetically and environmentally. We must question if they are serving us! Why?

It's interesting how paradigms are formed and how we can change them. The paradigms controls our perception, how we utilize our time and controls the amount of money we earn.

For example of one paradigm that is universally accepted is that it's spiritual to be poor or noble to be poor or if we want to be spiritual we must be poor or if we want to be noble we must be poor.

The truth is that poverty almost the time causes people to lie, to cheat, to steal and even to kill.

If you born in poverty that's nothing wrong, but staying in poverty is an insult to the one that create you, because you are not utilizing the incredible potential that you have. When you are poor you are missing the mark for your creator.

When you are living in poverty you are missing the mark that your creator has to you or you are not accepting the love that the universe has to you because I really believe you were born to be happy, healthy and free.

Your creator gives you happiness, health and wealth and if you are not expressing that, you are turning away from that source, it's almost like being a sinner. We need now to define sin because you probably know that the Bible was written in Aramaic and in this original language the definition of sin means to miss the mark. So when you are sinning you are missing the mark that your creator has for you. And again we must differentiate be poor from born in poverty there are 2 things completely different like we already define above. 

But if for example my family or my close friends they really believe that being poor is noble and spiritual, what can I do?

The best way to deal with that and is not so easy to do, but it is limit your time with them, set boundaries for them, let them know you love them and care about them, you want to help them to reach success but you can't drag anyone to the finish line. They actually if you spend too much time with them they will do the opposite with you they will try to drag you to their side.

You need to let them know you don't allow anymore them to drag you again back to the other side. 

Probably you really need to say directly: "I'm sorry I love you, I care about you, I wish you the best but I cannot spend time with you any longer because I do not want to be infected with your attitude, your mindset, the way you are thinking."

In other hand expand the association with people that are in the same path like you for improving their lives!


By reading books, listening to tapes, attending workshops, webinars, scopes on Periscope about personal development. 

Like always peace, love, faith, keep dreaming, stay alive, success, Just Do Life and have an amazing and great week.

Your friend and partner, JM. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Evolution XI

Give life to your idea of being totally free!

You're not poor because you don't have money, you're poor if you don't have goals and a dream!

My definition of being free or have freedom isn't just going for the money and having material things but I'm not just focus even in being in the middle of the nature, and meditation, etc.

Is the combination of the two, being free is what brings joy and happiness to your life.
Also is what brings value to your life, the all picture of freedom is the money and material things, the health and wellness, powerful relationships, being happy, is the full-pack/include all of those things.

Why you should and how you can create goals?

It's very important goal setting, because when you have a goal there is a center in your brain working to achieve that goal, it's scientifically proven, that shows the veracity of this.

A lot of research was made in the 60s about how the human brain works and what they saw when you actually have a goal there is a center in your brain that works toward achieving that.

So make sure you have dreams, you have goals, this vision of you want to do, have or become. 

Children are very good in this when they are young, but adults are very good in killing this and we need to reverse this process. We got to nurture the dreams, because you have the right to decide how you want to live, to be free and choose your destiny.

But you can think this: how can I achieve my goals or my dream?
You don’t have to know how to do it. You just have to know two things—where you’re going and that you will get there.

You can also do two things: create an image of you living already your perfect life in your mind and the dialogue to support that image.

You’ve got to see yourself in the clothes you want to wear, having those cars, having that house, etc. Picture those things about you want to do, have or become. Build a clear image of you looking awesome and feeling fantastic.
You also must develop a new way of speaking to yourself and others. Otherwise, you will sabotage yourself with negative self-image dialogue.

Focus on what you want.
Write a description of your new life on a card— the look you want to be, the cars and house you want to have, the people you want in your life, and how you’ll look and feel. 
Read your card and affirmations several times a day. See yourself as already being looking, feeling and behaving in that new life. Get emotionally involved with these ideas.
Do these things and you will transform your life. Not by forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, but by building a new model in your marvelous mind.
This might seem overly simplistic, but the body is the instrument of the mind. When we build an image in our mind, our body HAS to express it. The transformation happens by law.
But for that could happen you need to be focused on that all days!

Focus each day on what you want to accomplish for the day, put the blinders on, if you find yourself distracted here or there in something isn't moving you close to you goals, stop it and focus specifically on the task that you need to accomplish for that day. Write down 1, 2, or 3 things each day that you want to get accomplish, and absolutely focus in order to be able make it happen.  

Give life to your idea of being that free person. I promise it will take on a power of its own.

So like always just Do life and have an amazing week.

- JM

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Evolution X



You see all over the world there is people doing things they don't want to do and is giving them results they don't want to get and they do anyway. 

I want that your head represents your mind. First of all no one ever seen the mind. Mind is activity is not a thing. Your brain is not your mind. Brain is a electronic switching station that alters the vibration you're in and the vibration indicates what you attract. 

If you divide the top half of your head in the conscious mind and the bottom half represents the subconscious mind you will understand that the conscious mind is where school focus on, that is where we gather all the information loaded with books and the subconscious mind is where are the paradigms.

Your paradigms controls your vibration, controls what you attract and also controls what you do. It literally controls your behavior. If you look outside your results, your results are nothing but manifestation of your paradigms. And when you go and change your paradigms because it is something you must do if you want to change your results.  

But probably you are wondering what are paradigms?

Well paradigms are a multitude of habits. Are ideas that are fixed in your subconscious mind and all brought together are called paradigms. So paradigms are like a sub-electronic mechanism control system in your subconscious mind.   

What is this process that we see the world through? We see through a window and if it is open then we have freedom. 

Think about when you were a baby. You didn't have fear of speaking in front of people and didn't have afraid of failure. You try walk, you try touch in fire and get burned.

You grew up and then in the 30s you learn to be realistic. To set goals so you can achieve and don't fail or be disappointed. Now your window get closed. If you read TRANS4MATION it's up to you!
well your window expand and get bigger, starts to open again longer as you get older. Why? Because helps to you press the mute on the negative if you stay in this path of expanding your window that you use to you see the world.

Why this is so important?

Because your life is created by what you think about all day. For example if you think positive and success you create opportunities.

To you change anything outside you must first have to change the inside.

If you sow a thought you create a action and if you sow a action you create a habit and if you sow a habit you create character and if sow character you create your destiny.

Your mindsets are not created in a day but in a month cycle.

You create a better life by creating a better self-image.

If you REALLY believe you can achieve something and you act on it, YOU WILL.

Have a great week and just Do life!

- JM with friendship.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Evolution IX


Most people avoid what they afraid of...

Your paradigms can keep you from succeeding and you have to find your fears.
Many people are afraid to fail or are embarrassed by their failures.
No one have a breakthrough in his or her own comfort zone and the big breakthroughs happen when those people faced their fears and take some risks.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you become irresponsible. Taking risks that are on purpose is quite different than being irresponsible.
Always keep in mind that losing is a part of winning. When you fall down, get up and keep moving forward. It’s by trying things that you figure out how far you can go.

You should be active when you see an opportunity because if not you will either step forward into growth or step back into safety and if you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.
You see even if you fail, if you treat every experience not like a failure but or either you won or it was a learning experience, then you’ll end up a winner.

So the stronger your discipline is the easy your life is.

You shouldn’t try to determine your purpose, you should discover it and when you discover your purpose that gives your life real meaning.
Then as long as you are true to your purpose, you should treat success and failure, no matter how big or small, exactly the same you learn from each one.

Not knowing what you want is so frustrating … or knowing what you want but not knowing how to get it is even more frustrating, and a sure recipe for failure and disappointment.

So surround yourself with people that challenge you and that don't allow you to stay where you are or in your comfort zone.
Associate with people that challenge you to improve your health, your wealth and your results.

How can you do that?

Attending workshops of personal-development, listen to tapes ( cd's, dvd's, youtube channels ), read blogs of self-development, books and the new hot sensation broadcasts on Periscope ( by the way if you are not following me there yet, it is @jbemartins ).

Like always please Just Do Life and have a great weekend.

- JM

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Evolution VIII

It all starts and ends with you!

Awake for a new possibility...

Are you really living? You can create everything in your imagination of what you want for your life and the big news here is you can have it.

If you really want it, you desire it, if you willing to do the work that is need to make it happen then you can change your thinking, go against the adversities and you can have it.

Doesn't matter how old you are or how young you are, what sex you are, the color of your skin, what language you speak or if you had success or failure in your past, what really matters is what do you really want for your life?

I believe that we are exactly the same, we just look different, speak different, live in different places in our planet earth but the source of our power is the same and just one.

The only difference between a successful people and a person who is not, it is that successful people have habits that failures don't like to have.

You need to plan, do and review. Say it is the way this gonna happen and just do it in order to achieve that goal.

Did you ever thought why 3%, 4% or 5% of the population of our planet are earning all the money?

There is a formula for creating wealth?

Of course!

First of all I really believe that we must first and before of everything decide to become wealthy.

Like I wrote above please decide to be wealthy, healthy and happy. Decide to live well, decide to have nice houses, nice cars, nice clothes, nice watches, nice vacations in beautiful places all over our planet earth and having the time to enjoy those things with who you want most in your life.

For that can happen you must believe that you are worthy and you deserve all those things.

How do you create wealth?

It's by fixing and solving problems and creating or adding value.

Most of people say that all the people want money and if this saying was totally correct then most of people didn't spend money, they will keep it, and what we see happen when people receive their money from their employer? Of course they spend it or in another words people trade their money for something they want more than the money they have in their wallet. 

So by now the question we should be making is how can I fix or solve problems or how can I create and add value to the market place?

You can create a good income by doing one or both of the 2 ways we have available to create wealth but you can't be trap in the trading just your time for currency, because we all have just 24 hours a day, and we all need to do in each day at least have some meals and rest, etc so we must apply the concept of leverage.

Never forget that if you willing to give so you gracious receive.

Have a great weekend and like always just Do life!

- J. M.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Evolution VII

Get out your comfort zone!

Many of us are pretty comfortable in our lives!

       On a scale between 0 to 10 that 0 is none and 10 is completely fulfilled most people are in 4 ou 5 which is no man's land, they aren't really happy or unhappy to make a change or doing better.

We have a good reasonable income, the rent or the mortgage is being payed, there are food in the kitchen, we have a nice warm bed to sleep in, we have a car, nice clothes and all it seems to going fine. 

A person in that position could very easily think why should I do something to change this? 

The truth is if your life isn't going in one direction absolutely by law of physics it must be going in another direction. 

What many of us can easily make is establish a comfort zone in our lives.

This is a very common and understandable attitude because we all work hard to get where we are, and it may seem a good place to be.

The only problem with this, when you stop contributing, seeking and risking, that's when we stop growing, and without continues growth, we are now all we are ever going to be.

If you are in a comfort zone beware, the danger of a comfort zone is that doesn't hurt and it might feel good, many take that as a good place to be.

A comfort zone may be what is holding you back from real growth, real accomplishment and your potentially rewarding future. 

Again, remember if you are not going in one direction by physical law we must be going in another direction, we are building or we are imploding.

For example if a person says: "I like it just the way it is", again by physical law we know that absolutely nothing stays the way it is... 

What you don't use it you lose it!

What you don't increase, decreases!

So like always have a great week and Just Do Life!

- J. M.