Saturday, August 29, 2015

Evolution XIII

Boundaries VS Limitations

Boundaries = Good / Limitations = Bad

Boundaries are guidelines that we might set for ourself or for other people to deal with us or we allow to deal with us.

We all need to set boundaries.

If we wanna be free we need to set boundaries, where we work, in our relations, with our family, we must set the status for how we gonna be treated. 

About limitations we can define that we have 2 kind of limitations: there are the limits that others want to set on us and the limitations that we set on ourselves.

Be aware that limitations are things that hold us back.

The most person who can hold you back which is of course yourself.

But the more you work on you, the more you work on your self-esteem, the more you work in your self-development, the more you work in your self-discipline, the more limitations you gonna eliminate. Because 99% of everything is mental and the person who believes who can do something, has such a dramatic exponential higher reality of doing that. 

You need to do the work on you, doing your small victories, develop the confidence and for that you have several sources to help you with that like watching Scopes on Periscope ( for that just download the Periscope app into your smartphone and follow me @jbemartins ), subscribe the Youtube channel, read these posts on this blog and doing this things every week not only builds your confidence, build your success, build your skills, so you can always expanding so what you perceive, so you can always developing the window that you see the world with, the same way is the window you see your abilities through.

Limits are real until they are not.

Limitations are real until the moment they are not.

It is a limitation until it isn't.

Have a great week-end and lets go out and do something amazing.

Your friend, JM.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Evolution XII

Question your paradigms!

There are 2 parts in our mind: there is one part that gathers information and there is another part that controls our behavior, and it's our behavior that controls our results!

We have paradigms that are programmed genetically and environmentally. We must question if they are serving us! Why?

It's interesting how paradigms are formed and how we can change them. The paradigms controls our perception, how we utilize our time and controls the amount of money we earn.

For example of one paradigm that is universally accepted is that it's spiritual to be poor or noble to be poor or if we want to be spiritual we must be poor or if we want to be noble we must be poor.

The truth is that poverty almost the time causes people to lie, to cheat, to steal and even to kill.

If you born in poverty that's nothing wrong, but staying in poverty is an insult to the one that create you, because you are not utilizing the incredible potential that you have. When you are poor you are missing the mark for your creator.

When you are living in poverty you are missing the mark that your creator has to you or you are not accepting the love that the universe has to you because I really believe you were born to be happy, healthy and free.

Your creator gives you happiness, health and wealth and if you are not expressing that, you are turning away from that source, it's almost like being a sinner. We need now to define sin because you probably know that the Bible was written in Aramaic and in this original language the definition of sin means to miss the mark. So when you are sinning you are missing the mark that your creator has for you. And again we must differentiate be poor from born in poverty there are 2 things completely different like we already define above. 

But if for example my family or my close friends they really believe that being poor is noble and spiritual, what can I do?

The best way to deal with that and is not so easy to do, but it is limit your time with them, set boundaries for them, let them know you love them and care about them, you want to help them to reach success but you can't drag anyone to the finish line. They actually if you spend too much time with them they will do the opposite with you they will try to drag you to their side.

You need to let them know you don't allow anymore them to drag you again back to the other side. 

Probably you really need to say directly: "I'm sorry I love you, I care about you, I wish you the best but I cannot spend time with you any longer because I do not want to be infected with your attitude, your mindset, the way you are thinking."

In other hand expand the association with people that are in the same path like you for improving their lives!


By reading books, listening to tapes, attending workshops, webinars, scopes on Periscope about personal development. 

Like always peace, love, faith, keep dreaming, stay alive, success, Just Do Life and have an amazing and great week.

Your friend and partner, JM. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Evolution XI

Give life to your idea of being totally free!

You're not poor because you don't have money, you're poor if you don't have goals and a dream!

My definition of being free or have freedom isn't just going for the money and having material things but I'm not just focus even in being in the middle of the nature, and meditation, etc.

Is the combination of the two, being free is what brings joy and happiness to your life.
Also is what brings value to your life, the all picture of freedom is the money and material things, the health and wellness, powerful relationships, being happy, is the full-pack/include all of those things.

Why you should and how you can create goals?

It's very important goal setting, because when you have a goal there is a center in your brain working to achieve that goal, it's scientifically proven, that shows the veracity of this.

A lot of research was made in the 60s about how the human brain works and what they saw when you actually have a goal there is a center in your brain that works toward achieving that.

So make sure you have dreams, you have goals, this vision of you want to do, have or become. 

Children are very good in this when they are young, but adults are very good in killing this and we need to reverse this process. We got to nurture the dreams, because you have the right to decide how you want to live, to be free and choose your destiny.

But you can think this: how can I achieve my goals or my dream?
You don’t have to know how to do it. You just have to know two things—where you’re going and that you will get there.

You can also do two things: create an image of you living already your perfect life in your mind and the dialogue to support that image.

You’ve got to see yourself in the clothes you want to wear, having those cars, having that house, etc. Picture those things about you want to do, have or become. Build a clear image of you looking awesome and feeling fantastic.
You also must develop a new way of speaking to yourself and others. Otherwise, you will sabotage yourself with negative self-image dialogue.

Focus on what you want.
Write a description of your new life on a card— the look you want to be, the cars and house you want to have, the people you want in your life, and how you’ll look and feel. 
Read your card and affirmations several times a day. See yourself as already being looking, feeling and behaving in that new life. Get emotionally involved with these ideas.
Do these things and you will transform your life. Not by forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, but by building a new model in your marvelous mind.
This might seem overly simplistic, but the body is the instrument of the mind. When we build an image in our mind, our body HAS to express it. The transformation happens by law.
But for that could happen you need to be focused on that all days!

Focus each day on what you want to accomplish for the day, put the blinders on, if you find yourself distracted here or there in something isn't moving you close to you goals, stop it and focus specifically on the task that you need to accomplish for that day. Write down 1, 2, or 3 things each day that you want to get accomplish, and absolutely focus in order to be able make it happen.  

Give life to your idea of being that free person. I promise it will take on a power of its own.

So like always just Do life and have an amazing week.

- JM