Thursday, November 22, 2018

Evolution XXIX

How to cure depression? 

You are a human, you have the power to control your own will.

You see any ideia that is held in the mind that is emphasized that is either feared or revered begins that wants to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.

Depression comes it starts out from ignorance, doubt and worry.

Doubt and worry are negative emotions.

Understanding is something positive.

Worry comes from ignorance.

Understanding comes from knowledge.

Doubt and worry are a psychic disease, it is an intellectual exercise.

You use your intellectual faculties to build a negative ideia and that is all you see, you take and internalize that and you get emotionally involved with it, it goes from doubt and worry to fear, you emotionalized the doubt and worry that turned into fear, the fear is in the emotional mind and the emotion must be expressed through the only instrument that can be expressed: through the physical body so it moves your body into a state that we call anxiety.

Anxiety is never expressed, anxiety is suppressed, the suppression turns into depression, you suppress the fear, turns into depression, the depression turns into decease, the decease turns into decay.

So now how it is possible to revert this process?

To revert this process you need to follow the opposite of all above so we saw before that you go from ignorance to doubt and worry, to fear, anxiety, suppression, depression, disease and disintegration.

Let's go on the other side: You go from understanding to a emotional state called faith, you just know it is going to move in the form because you understand the law, faith is believe in something you can't see.

Strange thing about faith and fear they both demand you to believe in something you can't see why you would choose fear over faith? 

Because you are ignorant but if you go from understanding to faith, the faith will manifest on the physical plane not as anxiety as well being, the well being is not suppressed it is expressed and the expression turns into acceleration, you are building energy and that is because there is no disease you are at ease and that turns into creation not disintegration. 

That is all a mental trip that you are building so choose the positive one!       

As always take care my dear friend,

- JM