Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Evolution V

How to feed well your body and mind?

You are a spiritual being living in a physical body


       The essence of you and I is spiritual. You are a spiritual being living in a physical body, you don't have a soul but you are a living soul. You got to take care of yourself, your physical body do not neglect yourself, the Holy Scriptures says to nourishes and cherishes your body. Why I think it's a good advice? Because your body it's the only place you've got lo live, currently ( if you saw the movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp maybe in the future who knows, but for now... )

Some people don't have great results in their lives because they don't feel well, they are from times to times sick, ( and me also some years not far away ago I was out of shape, out of balance and out of health, my life was mess up and then things got better, I don't have everything perfect now, but I'm still in the path of improving myself and now things are pretty good for me. I'm not here to write to you that I'm the perfect person that figure out everything, I just want to share with you what worked for me and maybe can work for you too like I mention in my previous post I would do it ) so you must have vitality in you so you can do it well, so take good care of yourself.

I know some people who feed their pets better than they feed themselves. They are so careful how they feed their pets, so careful what they eat, so careful so they get everything and because of that extreme care those pets are in great shape, but if you saw these persons I know. Some people take care better their pets than take care themselves or even worst some people feed better their pets than they feed their own kids.

So let's start with physical:

I was an addicted to caffeine, I used to drink 5 to 7 coffees a day with sugar of course, several cokes a day too and not the 0 or the Diet/light ones, I was addicted to champagne always an opportunity pop up "let's go people" and of course when I drank juices were always with gas and a lot of sugars. Now I simply drink water and occasionally natural juices of course without gas. I've always have water around me if I'm at home or practicing physical exercise like doing cycling and playing soccer, etc. Helps you hydrate because you are losing water all the time by transpiration, this is how you stay detox, you get the toxins out of your body, keep your energy level high, your blood pumping in and your brain thinking clearly.

I never ate several times a day, usually a small breakfast in running mode, no fruit at all and probably a chocolate cake. Why I did that? I thought by doing that I would start the day with getting extra energy because of the sugar of the cake or with the chocolate. I was wrong because we don't get more energy but we simple can create more energy with in our core body and the way we create that energy is by the nutrients that we put in our body. 

So I'm not a fanatic I don't eat perfect all the time I still drink coke from times to times ( and not the 0 and not the Diet/light ) or sometimes I enjoy going to McDonald's and eat the Big Mac, but for the most the time I eat healthy, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, usually fruit in the morning before the lunch I eat orange, banana, pear and red apple. For lunch normally more vegetables to avoid the other stuff is not so healthy, after lunch before dinner in the middle of the afternoon cereals with soy milk because I have a lactose condition, for dinner I like very much having a good soup and salad and before go sleep a tea in fall/winter with some crackers and in spring/summer a fresh orange juice with an green apple.     

Of course I supplement my diet with some fantastic nutrition products ( by the way I think everybody should ) because the truth is, the food we buy today even if we buy from the bio store or we produce some of our own food we really don't receive all the nutrients we need in our diet that our body needs because of the air pollution, pesticides, hormones and a lot grown up in depleted soil, etc. 
There are many things that are happening that threat our food supply that is why I believe we all need supplementation. 

What I noticed was doing smaller meals, 4 a 5 per day and start eating the bad stuff early like for example as I mention above sometimes I like eat a Big Mac on McDonald's instead do that at dinner I go do that at lunch time early in the day not before I go to bed and I was able to starting losing weight and all with no stress, no craves and enjoying my new looking. 

But of course to go from 91 kg / 201 lb to 67 kg / 148 lb just changing the food I eat wasn't enough, then I began doing a lot a of physical exercises, I join a cycling team with family and friends, start going to a swimming pool with family, running in the woods with family and I started playing soccer in a local club this all combined with above allowed me have some interesting results.      

Why I began sharing what I did for changing my body?

Because you know how appearance is important in our society, you don't never have a second chance to make a first impression. Some people may say: "Well what matters is the inside of the person!" 
I agree with that, but don't forget only God can see the inside of the person, we humans only see the outside of the package. Of course with the time when people get to know you better they judge by more than they see but first they gonna take a look. Please make sure your outside is a major reflection of what's going on inside which lead us to the mind subject.

I began nourish my brain reading books, with audio programs that I listen in car or on my iPhone, I started seeing videos on my Mac, this allowed me put in thoughts of positivity and good expectations in my mind.

That also allowed to me to be the thinker of the thought instead just having thoughts by getting programmed by all outside influences, because I believe we born with free will and like Jean Paul Sartre said: "Man is condemned to be free", I really believe we can choose our thoughts. So I think it's very important think about what we are thinking about, so again I became the thinker of the thought instead just having thoughts programmed by TV, radio, internet, movies, social media, friends and family. 

I also made a freedom manifestation map, I filled in it with pictures and images of things I want to do, have and become and I put it in a place I can easily see it everyday this way I also feed my mind remembering me daily the direction I want my life goes.

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JM with friendship.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Evolution IV

Do you attend failure's workshop?

Failure should also do workshops!

       Usually people always study and follow up success, what people do to become successful.

Nowadays it's not spend  too much time looking what failures do.

So often people go to success workshops and they see successful people do workshops, and only a small percentage of people in attendance become successful from the workshop. Why this phenomenon happens? Because the big percentage in attendance never do what the speakers tell them, just putting simple like that.
Many in attendance listen and embrace it, put in their mental diary and accept it, just a few do it but everybody is available to do it.

In the sequence of the theme for today what about failures workshops? What if you have the opportunity to listen from somebody who never accomplish nothing in their life, told you what their habits were, all the opportunities they have and told you on a regular basis what they didn't do, wouldn't be of a great value that information?

Identifying the things that failures do is just as important at some period of time to listen to success.
Of course I believe you need more success principles than study and follow up of failures do. My definition of a failure is a permanent situation ( i.e. when you quit ), for example when you say: "That situation didn't work for me!", you fail to do what is required to succeed in this example, but if you don't quit, while your still in, having pulse, while your still have life in you and working to do well, then you're not a failure.  

So why people quit?
There are many reasons, lets explore some:

a) The necessity you have for the approval of other people.

The opinion of other people of you is more important than yours. Sometimes what happens to failures is like they don't feel so good about themselves that when they give themself advice the thought process they have is that they never trust it even if they have all the evidence, all the experience and all the information they still don't believe in themselves so they allow other people make the decisions for them.

b) Entertainment.

If you read the previous post I made on this blog I share there the difference between entertain yourself instead educate yourself, what I mean by that is most of us right now we're in entertaining ourselves, we will seat down and watch the idiot box ( TV ) 5 hours per day or more, every single day  but won't take 30 minutes to read a book or listen one audio program that is going to improve us and take us to where it is we gonna to go.

The reason why I'm writing to you in this type of writing is I want you to understand that your eyes, ears and mouth all that is being programmed as your navigation GPS device to where it is your going to go in life, what you intake, the information that you intake, those are the only places you can go, so if you intake negative tv news and gossip programs, when you intake this for so many hours a day, it becomes a part of who you are.

Now you might be thinking: "Well I agree with that you just written above but you forget I can control it!",  YOU CAN'T because that is your unconscious mind it works taking over by input, the more input you get the more operate.

You've got to learn how to disassociate with negative programming, how to improve yourself and educate yourself pop in an audio program, sit down and read a book, meditate and whatever it is you're doing you've got to feed yourself, feed your brain. Our brain is like a plant, if you don't feed your plants, your plants will die. Most people put more time in the feeding their plants then they do in the feeding of their future.

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Next post I gonna share with you the theme will be How to feed well your body and mind? ( I gonna share my personal secret sauce that allowed me in just 1 year changing my weight from 91kg / 201 lb to 67kg / 148 lb with no sacrifice, with happiness, a lot of joy and improved my health. )

So until we interact again as always, peace, love, faith, keep dreaming, stay alive, success and just Do Life! 

JM with friendship.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Evolution III

Do you belong to the 95% of our society or the 5%?

95% of our society is addicted to failure

      Winning is a habit but so is losing. Losing becomes habitual and people can be addicted to failure. The question of today is am I addicted to failure or to winning?

You need to learn to gather enough information and make a decision then stick with then.

Successful people make a decision and hold onto it, and make it right.

Unsuccessful people go back and forwards on that decision, and are very slow to make decisions. One of the sub themes I want to discuss with you is about the entertainment.

Entertain yourself instead of educate yourself?

There is a study in the USA that shows the hours of TV usually people see in a regular basis "Average American watches 5 hours of  TV per day, report shows ." and what's interesting about that study is as someone becomes older more hours of tv see  "Time spent watching live TV increases steadily as we get older, according to a new report." 

Why this happens?

I call that the state of anesthesia to not feel pain ( or in some cases receiving pleasure ) but is needed now to do an distinction in pleasure VS happiness.

Pleasure is temporary and happiness can be eternal. An example of pleasure being temporary is: I watch TV X hours today, because I want to please myself. I want that short term pleasure.

Happiness: I decide not see more tv today, "The Voice" is coming on but I decide now to read something positive, to improve myself or I watch the rest of the soccer game or the money drop and I go work on myself, maybe study just one chapter.

Successful people understand the priority of time.

Unsuccessful people don't see the value of time, don't invest, contrariwise spend their time entertaining themselves VS educate themselves.

You must be addicted to improvement, 95% of the people in the world spend the majority of their time entertaining themselves and the other 5% invest more time to educate themselves.

Please ask yourself now: what was my last book I read? The audio program that I listened?

This now means your life should be spending all your free time you have on personal development? No of course not, but if you want your current status improve, you should do something for change it and to things to improve you need to improve!

In the course of time, I made an incredible discovery in all my personal failures & successes and this 
was what I find out: there was always one same suspect at the same crime zone and guess who was? 

Was me.

Like I found this you too have to take personal responsibility for where you are in order to get where you want to go!

Last thought for today is unsuccessful people use circumstances that are not favorable as a reason to permanently stop going in the direction of their dreams.

On the other hand successful people are always looking for the solution for the problems that they face. Successful people ask: How can I solve this? ( and or ) What can I do to solve this?

Henry Ford once said wisely: "Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." and couldn't be better said...

As always peace, love, faith, keep dreaming, stay alive, success and just Do Life!

Your friend, JM.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Evolution II

Are you still in the game of life?

You were born to be healthy, happy, and free.

       I just wanted to plant that idea with you, because we know now that ideas are centers of consciousness. Your health, happiness, relationships and financial situation will all be determined by the thoughts you give precedence to, the ideas you birth in your mind.

So this being written and being true, leads us to another issue, which is you be able to learn and improve daily. And if someone try ( because believe me somebody will at some point of your life ) never let anyone convince you otherwise.

The world is full of skeptics and pessimists. 

Today most people have lost sight and back off fight for their dreams and more, they feel threatened by people like you that make for moving forward towards your objectives and goals. 

People brave enough to do something to improve their current situation.

Never forget this:

You are a person capable, deserving and worthy.

If you received this message at time you need it, I'm glad was sent at a good timing.

If you know someone that will appreciate receive this information too, please be free using the several ways bellow to share the care. 

As always peace, love, faith, keep dreaming, stay alive, success and just Do Life! 

JM with friendship.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Evolution I

Welcome to my blog guys!

As you probably know I'm now in the middle of the publishing process of the book TRANS4MATION it's up to you!

It's being a really adventure to do this.

Put all pieces together to be available like it is now on amazon ebook format now for Kindle and all other devices simultaneously in English and Portuguese editions, later paperback format will be available too until the end of this year 2015.

I hope you are awesome like I'm feeling right now.

Well I just wanted today to stopped by here to simply to write to you,  have a great weekend and don't forget just Do life!

JM with friendship.