Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Evolution XVI

How to create success?

Success is created in the mind first!

Any great achievement, any amazing accomplishment, any epic anything is created twice, first it's created in the mind and only secondly it is created on the physical plane.   

You need to be a co-creator of your success.

Visualize the event you wanna manifest so by doing this you can activate the success mechanism you have in your brain, so when you have this goal, this dream, you have this achievement you wanna accomplish, your mind, your subconscious mind will cause to you to take actions until you achieve that, it is what it does, it doesn't argue, it doesn't rationalize it, it just does what it is programmed to do.

Challenge yourself!

You have to fight this natural look for comfort. No one had a breakthrough in their comfort zones nobody, if you wanna do something amazing you got to be uncomfortable, challenge yourself.

Be willing to look bad because you can't get better and look good at the same time. No matter what you do if it's playing the piano or playing soccer you can't look good and get better at the same time.

Feed your mind every day, feed your mind with positive things, that cause you to think in positive ways because when you do that you will attract success because you just have a more positive mindset.

Plan your weeks, plan every week. Have and use paper-planner. 

Associate with positive people, you don't have a choice who is in your family, you don't get a choice almost the time with who you work with, but you have a choice on how you spend most of your time, you get a choice to be mindful of the people you gonna associate with. Who with you have dinner and who you invite to your home.  

You must face the reality that not all the people with you spend time with is good to you and you have to minimize the time with people who physiologically drain you or disrespect you.
Some of the people are intentional and some of the people completely unintentional.
You gotta to limit access to you. There are some people that you have to completely eliminate from your life, they are not just negative, they are harmful and dangerous because they can cause you to lose self-esteem, cause you don't believe in you, to not go after the greatness that is inherited in you.

Your character will determine so much of your success because everything isn't a random events and happen to you, you don't have a role and or a destiny and karma.

You are a co-creator in your life of your success.

You build success by the choices that you make each and every day and the choices that you make will determine how your success evolves!

So like always just Do life and have a great week.

- JM   

Friday, September 4, 2015

Evolution XV

Never be afraid of rejection!

Be different and be amazing

Nowadays most people think they have fear of failure, but they don't really have fear of failure, fear of rejection, it's fear of success.

This simple is another case of limiting beliefs that cause you self-sabotage your own success that cause to not achieve everything that you are meant to do, to step into your greatness.

Where this comes from? Fear of success? It comes for worthiness issues, not believing you're worthy, being afraid you don't deserve it.

Being afraid you are not worthy of the good that is meant to be yours.

Where that comes from? 

First of all you are your worst critic, your hardest critic.

You need to understand that you don't get the freedom you deserve, you get the freedom you believe you deserve.

Second you are afraid that you don't fit in, your friends don't like you anymore, that your family don't love you anymore, that you don't belong to the people you hang around anymore.

But why the effort to fit in?

Why we need to be different these days, if you want to be wealthy, healthy, if you wanna be happy or if you wanna be successful?

We have more than 7 billion people on the planet now.

How many of those 7 billion do you think are healthy?

Probably more than 5 billion are not healthy, they carry around too much weight, they do not do exercise, they do not eat well, do not have energy, most have degenerative diseases, so just about 2 billion people probably are healthy.

How many you think are happy?

Again a few on the planet are happy because if you check for example the percentage of people nowadays consume excessive alcohol, drug abuse ( people have these behaviors to forget the problems that they are currently facing, instead of solving them, works like an anesthesia but only the problem is when the effect finish, nothing changes, the reality comes again and probably addiction is developed to the substances, money problems can start to arise to sustain the addictions, etc ) we conclude by checking the numbers most of the people are not happy at all.

How many of the 7 billion people do you think are wealthy? Really with financial freedom, with all senses of freedom? 

How many do you think are rich, they really got the money thing out of the way?

Less than 5%.

How many of those 7 billion people are healthy, happy and free?

And now how low you think is that percentage?

Probably less then 1%.

So why would you wanna be like that the majority of people today?  

Why you wanna fit in with the crowd? Why you wanna "be normal"? 

I think now you don't!

You wanna to be different. You wanna be amazing.

So how to be healthy, happy and free?

a) Live healthy, such a simple thing, such a profound thing. But exercise every day, eat for energy. Breathe fresh air. Get some sunlight. Get some sleep, get your rest. Do this and you be very, very different just if you live healthy.

b) Question the premisse. Do your homework about good nutrition, because don't trust in the media these days, the publicity probably say you that you need to drink beer everyday or wine everyday, or probably you will find articles saying you need a cheeseburger everyday or another example you will find publicity saying that vapor cigarettes are healthy for you and they are not dangerous. These ads are there since media went out. So question the premisse. Use your common sense, be a critical thinker.

c) Grow your mind. Take classes, take continued classes on university, go to seminars and workshops of personal-development, read challenging books, read challenging blog posts, find things that cause your mind to grow.

d) Grow your consciousness. Set aside some time each day to nourish your self-development. Treat your body and after your mind ( doesn't need to be by this order ) feed your mind, your consciousness.

e) Create your own financial security. Only foolish people would wait and expect the government to take care of their retirement. If you are counting on social security to create your financial security that is insanity. Social security in most of the countries nowadays is the worst pyramid scheme in the world.

Greece today is probably the worst pyramid scheme in the world, Puerto Rico might be the second worst pyramid scheme in the world, USA social security program probably is the third worst pyramid scheme in the world ( it's actually a money game ) and another nations all around the world.

So don't expect the government to take care of you. Don't spend more than you earn.  What ever you earn. Doesn't matter what you earn, don't spend more than you earn, you have to spend less than you earn and you need to take some part of what you earn ( that earnings ) and you got to put it to work. You need to grow your wealth. Put your money to work. You need to be able to go to bed and when you wake up you are wealthier than when you go to sleep. Like that you accumulate more wealth.

But for this could happen probably you got to change some of the people you hang out with. 
You got to look about the environment you surround yourself with.

Who are the 5 people you are spending the time with more time with?

And if they say it doesn't work you are dummy and you don't gonna do it, you just simple like that don't buy the story, you can't let somebody else sell you a story about you. They are selling you a story based on fear. They fear full people that is what that people are afraid. So remember never be afraid of rejection!

Have a great weekend and just be amazing.

- JM.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Evolution XIV

Learn how to be a kid again!

When you were born you didn't have afraid of speaking in front of groups

   Think when you were a child, without afraid of speaking in public, without need to fit in where you were, you have the amazing sense of adventure, passion and excitement, you were really happy. That condition is your authentic self. But then what happens is along the way we take in beliefs and values and behaviors that we get from the people around us, obvious we are influenced by our environment and in particularly the parents, the coaches, the people who are around us the most, particularly the formative years.

We take in those beliefs and in those values and for most people in the world we take in those behaviors and create a gap, a space between your authentic self and your personality.

You have to know what are your values, what are the principles you wanna live by, not necessary what other people taught you.

You need to know the stuff that matters to you, it's gotta to be your goals not someone else.

Most people today they are doing something they really don't want to do, they are a dentist because 3 generations of their family were a dentist, there are a lawyer because their mother was a lawyer or their father was a lawyer.

And some people are doing this, running like in auto-pilot, in someone else goals.

We usually say money and materials things don't buy happiness, they allow you to self-expression on things that brings you happiness.

Happiness comes from achievements as we keep creating achievements we want to accomplish and we start to achieve those things that is what brings us happiness.

You can seat all day, have no money worries, nothing to do, watch all day movies in TV all day long, all your needs are met for you if you have a wealthy mother or father that gives every month millions to you use in your necessities and you wouldn't be happy because happiness comes from doing things, from achieving things, and when you switch from success for significant is not having another achievement it is having a achievement that means something.

Another situation that is common is people usually are worried with what, about other people think about them and doesn't matter what other people think, it is your life, do what you like, live like you want. 

Be comfortable in your skin because you can't love anyone until you love yourself first.

You need to love yourself before you even like anyone else!

Have a great week and lets go doing something amazing.

- JM.